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As part of the the CCA’s Our Neighbourhood series, Clyde facilitated an experimental design workshop in the CCA Derry-Londonderry on the 17th of May. Following a presentation, participants engaged in an exercise devised to facilitate empathy generation.

Exercise 1

-This is a new tool designed to facilitate a first tentative step into seeing other, often familiar, animals in a new way. It investigates Deluezian ‘lines of becoming’ or ‘lines of flight’, along which all life flows. By the simple act of recording your own line of trajectory and those of other animals sensed while wandering, you can create what Tim Ingold describes as a ‘meshwork’, upon whose thread-lines the conditions of possibility are laid down.

This exercise is a device for observation and the result is a representation of the participant’s experience of other animals in a particular time and place; a first step in recognising the greater ecology of selves.-

Below are a selection of the meshworks generated by the participants along a section of the city wall

Exercise 2

A semiotic empathy map which although untested on the day due to time pressure, did garner some interest from Toots.

The finished handbook below, launched in August, which I was very happy to contribute to.


Our Neighbourhood – Workshop