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ANVI – the Unified Veterinary Training Aid was conceived by Clyde Doyle and developed to prototype in conjunction with IADT 3D Design & Model Making students recently won a DIT Inventor competition in the Food and Life Sciences Category.



The concept was devised during observations of the students and staff in the Clinical Skills Lab in UCD Veterinary College. The students use myriad training aids, many of which are made by the lab technicians as they do not exist commercially. The ones that are available on the market are prohibitively expensive and/or often perform poorly. In addition most are uni-purpose so are expensive to store and maintain.  This project delivers on two fronts, a prototyped concept of a ‘unified’ training aid, designed facilitate in one unit the practice of a variety of procedures, at an affordable cost to institutes  and students.The development of an accurate and affordable suturing material, using a range of platinum silicones, to simulate the abdominal wall of a variety of species.

DIT Inventor Awards