epimenia seductus_sea 1

Epimenia seductus

Epimenia seductus is a two part installation introducing a new species and a window into a shared world. My work […]

untitled 1

Untitled 2015

A multitude of beings inhabiting an urban environment. An art installation presented to an audience. An new nourishment system offered to all denizens. This […]

Umwelt 1 - Close up from above

Umwelt 1

This installation was created for the MFA end of year 1 show. A piece of forest floor was taken from […]

prelude to umwelt

Prelude to Umwelt 1

A piece for the NCAD MFA group show State of Play; it is an assemblage of effector tool, machine and substances. […]

The Silence of Animals - day 1

The Silence of Animals

“Even a dead animal preserves more powers of intuition than some human beings with their stubborn rationality” – Joseph Beuys […]